Considering trust deed investing? Our new white paper may help you decide. - February 27, 2009

Trust deed investments are becoming more attractive to today’s investors, given their relative stability, lower risk, and regular income. However, comprehensive information to help financial professionals and investors choose among trust deed investment options has not been not widely available. So, to help improve awareness and understanding of trust deed investing throughout the investment community, we’ve created a new white paper for financial professionals who advise investors, as well as investors who manage their own portfolios.

“Nine Things to Consider When Evaluating Trust Deed Investment Resources” is intended to help financial pros and investors better match trust deed investment opportunities to investment goals and needs.

If you — or your clients — are looking for a stable investment category that delivers predictable yields, it might be time to consider trust deed investing. To learn a bit more about choosing trust deed investments and trust deed investment resources, download our PDF here: “9 Things to Consider When Evaluating Trust Deed Investment Resources”.

Feel free to also check out our press release about it, here.

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