Ready to quit? - February 26, 2009

In a terrific post on the BiggerPockets real estate blog, Matt Pitcher proclaims “I quit” — that is, he is ready to quit letting the omnipresent negativity of mainstream media reporting drive his thinking about today’s opportunities.

CNBC, et al, would have investors believe that there are no good opportunities on the horizon. They focus on the public stock market because that’s their advertiser base — and, because the public markets are suffering, the current news is not positive. However, we believe that the mainstream media are also beating the doomsday drum louder than they need to, because doomsday stories glue more eyeballs to their TV screens that positive ones.

We know, though, that there are many opportunities for investors in this market, provided you are willing to think beyond Wall Street. It has been many, many years since so many good values were available in the US real estate market. Investors buying now are building portfolios that will likely increase dramatically in value over time. What’s more, the credit crunch indirectly provides an alternative means to invest in real estate without the hassles of ownership — by working with a trust deed investment company (like ours) and investing in high yielding loans to developers.

In sum: we’re ready to quit the doomsday thinking, too. Actually, we never really started!

To read Matt’s passionate post, click here.

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