Employment Change over Ten Years - November 30, 2016

The October State Employment and Regional Employment data, released earlier this month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, show state labor markets have mostly continued their trend towards economic recovery. Over the last quarter, a majority of states have seen job growth, no change in unemployment rates, or only slight employment declines, along with increases in the labor force participation rate. These indicators point to healthier labor markets for current workers and previously discouraged job seekers re-entering the work-force.  Below is the California subset of the data.


California: Percentage point change since December 2007:-0.5
Total employment, October 2016: 16,586,800
Percent change since December 2007: 7.2%
Change since December 2007: 1,114,300
Change last 3 months: 115,600
Percent change last 3 months: 0.7%
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