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Investment ProgramsThere are mulitple ways in which you can invest in trust deeds.  Making the right choices now will help you remain comfortable with your investment in the future.

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Sterling Pacific Financial offers two investment programs; a Fractional Note and Deed Program (for investment in specific loans secured by a specific property) and a Mortgage Pool Program (to spread your investment across a variety of loans).

The program you choose will depend on your diversification strategy, liquidity needs, and whether you want to reinvest earnings or take distributions. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your goals with you at any time.

Fractional Note and Deed Program:
The most traditional way to invest in trust deeds is to invest in a specific loan secured by a specific property type, either funding it entirely or in part (via a "fractional note"). This type of investment offers maximum control and involvement, since you'll choose the exact loan your invesment will fund.

The specific kind of property in which you want to invest is a key decision. Among your choices with Sterling:

  • Office parks
  • Medical centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Other commercial and industrial properties

Other decisions include:

  • Your preferred positioning (first or second deed of trust), based on individual risk tolerances.
  • The length of the loan, which is generally 12 to 36 months

Mortgage Pool Program:
A mortgage pool is a collection of notes secured by deeds of trust. Investors invest in membership interests in the mortgage pool. Much like a mutual fund product, it’s a way for investors to pool their assets so they can participate in a variety of individual investments.

Rules for participating in mortgage pools are regulated by federal and state securities laws. Pools are limited by the number of participating investors, and sometimes restricted by state residency. There is a required minimum investment period of twelve months. Once this period has elapsed, withdrawals are handled on a request basis. There are no penalties for withdrawals. We can provide more detail on these restrictions if you choose a mortgage pool.

Sterling offers two different mortgage pools for investors -- for more information about these two options, visit our mortgage pool page.