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Getting started – Our goal is your peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes with a basic understanding of the investment
itself and the confidence that your money is in capable hands. The process by which you invest in a trust deed is straightforward. It involves making a few simple decisions about the nature and size of your investment and choosing an investment program that is right for you. If you're like most investors, you will likely want some guidance. That's our job – to ensure you understand the program in which you’re invested, and are entirely comfortable with the integrity and capabilities of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What type of trust deed investments does Sterling Pacific Financial offer?

A:Currently, Sterling Pacific Financial offers trust deed investing via two programs: a traditional fractional note and deed program and a mortgage pool program.

Q:What is a mortgage pool?

A:A mortgage pool is a fund of notes secured by deeds of trust. Investors invest in membership interests in the mortgage pool and receive monthly income derived from payments on the underlying notes. By spreading the investment across many different trust deed investments, mortgage pools offer more diversification than investing in a single note.

Q:What types of assets will Sterling Pacific Financial arrange loans on?

A:We prefer to underwrite loans on the following assets: condos, multi-unit residential (non-owner occupied), entitled lots, commercial buildings, unimproved land, and non-owner occupied single-family residences. Our loans include purchase money loans, refinance loans, construction loans, rehab loans, and bridge financing loans. We do not underwrite unsecured business loans or personal loans.

Q:Is Sterling Pacific Financial a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

A:Sterling Pacific Financial is not a REIT. By comparison to REITs — which offer investors mutual-fund-style ownership of a real estate portfolio, usually generating income through rents — our investments are simpler and more transparent. Our primary business is to make high-yielding mortgage loans to owners and developers of real estate. Our investors are able to participate in these lending opportunities, and can even choose which specific projects they'd like to fund.

Q:As an investor, what are my liquidity options?

A:Depending on what investment program selected, liquidity will vary. If you choose to fund a fractional note or an entire note, you must hold the note until payoff. However, if you are investing in the mortgage pool program, withdrawals can be made after the initial lock-up period. There are no penalties for withdrawals.


The Seven Step Process


       These investor guides are a great place to start learning about trust deed        investments. 9 Things to Consider provides a broad overview, while the Due        Diligence Guide provides more micro level details.